ERDEMİR yarn, the textured yarn production center of Seray Tekstil, with its modern machinery, meets the product needs of both the group's own companies and other players in the market with the SERAY İPLİK® brand.

As of June 2022, Erdemir İplik will complete its new investments and increase to 1500 tons/month capacity with Barmag brand machines.

Seray Tekstil started production in 1983 and as of today, there are weaving, dyeing, textured yarn production, yarn twisting and apparel facilities in a closed area of approximately 70000 mt2.

Our companies too GRS , OEKO-TEX has a certificate, INDITEX and JOIN LIFE is approved.




Regenerated (recycling) fiber and yarn production, which is considered environmentally friendly, helps to reduce the use of garbage incineration and landfills by recycling textile wastes.


Thanks to processes that do not require painting, it reduces water usage and water pollution.


Approximately 11 thousand liters of water is needed to obtain 1kg of cotton, and approximately 130 liters of water to dye 1kg of yarn. Thanks to the recycling processes we apply, 267 million liters of water are consumed per day.


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